Hand carved and etched Victorian Lace chicken eggs by Beth Ann Magnuson. 

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this is another one of those things that’s extraordinarily disturbing to me. too many little holes. blehhhhh *shiver*

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Batik Eggs by misomom on Flickr.



I once pricked, blew out, drained and painted eggs for my husband as an Easter present. This was when we were teenagers. I cut up an old brocade dress to make a carrier for it - used the strap of a silk nightgown to tie the bundle shut at the top. My eggs were painted in layers of nail polishes. He still has them.

This is definitely the next level, and something I keep saying I want to try. I think next year this is what I’ll do for Lent.

The cool thing is that it doesn’t require nearly the artistic skill you would initially think - as long as you’re willing to be patient and methodical you can make an awesome pysanky egg. It involves doing a light pencil sketch on the egg, coloring in white parts with a wax crayon, and then dipping them in multiple dyes in a strategic order. There are many tutorials and pattern ideas widely available.